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The healthy snack that lets you go “nuts”

Flavoured almonds, whole & sliced nuts, and fibre-rich!

GetKrrackin! healthy snacks
GetKrrackin! healthy snacks
GetKrrackin! healthy snacks

The Krrackin! Story

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For the first time in India, a healthy snack that’s fun, tasty and entirely nuts-based. Features unique flavours in single serve packs.

Inspired by people who are anti-boring

GetKrrackin! It's good to go nuts

it's good to go "nuts"

Go ahead, follow the herd. Keep your dreams in cold storage. Because passion doesn’t result in a pay check, right? So fall in a rut. Lose your purpose. Grow old. And die. 


Or wait! Think again. Search your soul. Revive an old childhood dream. Quit your job. Start a business. Find something you believe in. Travel the world. Propose to someone on a bus. Be anti-boring. Have the guts to go nuts. Cos it’s good to go nuts.

GetKrrackin! It's good to go nuts

Global garnish. Local delish!

Our snacks carry a higher % of nuts.

That makes them fun and nutritious!

  • Through our network we source freshly harvested almonds from California farms

  • Our almonds are finely processed with our unique 2-step roasting technology

  • Then they are garnished with globally developed seasonings that are adapted for the young Indian palette

Superior ingredients. Fine techniques.

Health on the go

Tasty, portion-controlled snacks for those agonizing stretches between meals, when you’re on the go. Just the right amount of calories to fill you up. And yummy too!

GetKrrackin! Health on the go
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